Aberdeen & Friends

Aberdeen is an indie rock brass band based out of Brooklyn, NY. They create an overwhelming wall of sound with soaring, horn-driven melodies, supported by a bed of distorted guitars and raucous drums. Think a Trombone Shorty/Explosions in the Sky/Kamasi Washington super group. Brian Plautz is the primary songwriter in the band, along with Alex Conroy and Shubh Saran. The eight-piece band, featuring two saxophones, trombone, trumpet, two guitars, bass and drums never ceases to fill a room with energy.

Lohai is a new soul pop collaboration between Alita Moses and Devon Yesberger.

Kate Steinberg

Jae Soto

Evan Nachimson

Evan Nachimson believes the power of the voice is not in how you sing, rather, what you say. Born in Baltimore, enlightened in Nashville, and toughened in New York, Evan Nachimson's music is all-American. Inspired by revolutionaries like Bob Dylan, John Lennon and Bob Marley, Evan Nachimson's music blends the honesty of folk, with the energy of rock and roll, and style of R&B.

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