Trip Metal Fest 3 w/ The Art Ensemble Of Chicago, Martin Rev & more

The Art Ensemble Of Chicago

Martin Rev

American musician and the instrumentalist, born 18 December 1947 in Brooklyn, New York, USA.


Drew McDowall

Drew McDowall was born 28th January 1961 in Paisley, Scotland.

He worked with Coil regularly for several years, becoming an official member of the band in 1995. He worked solo as Screwtape (no relation to the Andrew McIntosh project of the same name) and is now a member of the group Compound Eye and Captain Sons & Daughters. He co-created The Poems (with then wife Rose McDowall) in the late 1970s, was a member of Psychic TV in 1980s and tour-managed The Shamen.

Drew has a daughter, Keri, from his previous marriage to Rose McDowall (Strawberry Switchblade, Sorrow). Drew currently resides in Brooklyn, NY and is active within the modular electronic world.


Originating in 1993 from the Lansing, MI, basement psych/noise scene, Universal Indians at first merged simple songs with strong improvisational roots. The mid-'90s saw the band's improvisational instinct devouring traditional rehearsed songcraft and Universal Indians became more closely linked to the electronic aggression of Throbbing Gristle and the Dead C. The creative impulse of core members John Olson and Gretchen Gonzales extended beyond Universal Indians at this time and Aaron Dilloway and Nate Young both played in the group when available.

Wolf Eyes formed in 1998 as a solo project of Nate Young, Aaron Dilloway joined soon after. Born in the dead, dread-filled haunted hills of Michigan, the duo soon employed John Olson and began touring and releasing 100's of recordings.

Wolf Eyes and Universal Indians played together so frequently that two bands would often merge and/or blur the lines between the bands. We are excited to see Universal Eyes at Trip Metal Fest 3.

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