Das Ich

Das Ich

German darkwave project, founded in 1989 around core members Bruno Kramm and Stefan Ackermann.

Current live-members are Stephan Hauer and Marty Söffker.

Ex live-members: Tanja Hahn (1989–1990), Andreas Sieblhoff (1990–1993), Ansgar Noeth (1994–1995), Chad Blinman (1994-1996), Daniel Galda (1994–1999), Jakob Lang (1998-1999), Michael Schmid (1999-2000), Nidij (2000–2001), Kain Gabriel Simon (2001–2006), Stefan Siegl [Sissy] (2006-2007), Ringo Müller (2006-2007)

Astari Nite

Alpha Quadrant

Frank W. had a a electro-industrial project together with Mastermind Holger B. After 2 sampler contributions and 1 self-released CD ("Controlcenter" EP) the band fell apart because of musical differences. After some time of lazyness Frank founded this new project. The aim is to be much more diverse than other artists from the genre. Elements of sounds include Techno, (Psy)trance, Electro, Industrial,Ambient and some more..... Album is planned for the late 2006.

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