Andrew Paul Woodworth Album Release, Berahmand, Wonderly

Andrew Paul Woodworth

Andrew Paul Woodworth was signed to Sony Records in the mid nineties with his band Elephant Ride.

Produced by legendary Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones, the album did not get the worldwide attention most feel it deserved.

After two more record deals and a stint touring throughout Europe opening for bands like Deep Purple, Maroon 5 and Beth Hart, Woodworth returned to his hometown, Portland, Oregon.

His last solo album, Saboteur, featured the track Fell In Love With The Moment. The song was included on Kink FM’s Homegrown album and it also received airplay on both Kink and on 94.7 KNRK.

Now, Woodworth returns with his 4th solo album, Drinks To Sleep. Drinks To Sleep is a collection of quirky, sometimes sad, sometimes flippant heartache. It’s not a “poor me” album nor is it a pat on the back. Woodworth is backed by Portland’s most accomplished musicians and the result is as intense as it is fun, as hopeful as it is lies somewhere in the middle world....the world of a man perhaps stuck but certainly not done. The songs seek to understand life after love lost and where dreams are broken and crooked. Drinks to Sleep is not an indictment and it has no interest in pursuing guilt or blame. For “there is no one to blame in this world,” insists Woodworth, “because it is everyone’s fault, the good and the bad.”


Berahmand, is a Portland based recording artist who has quickly gained a reputation starting 2015 for his high energy live shows that blend parts of Rock & Roll , New Wave, Electronic and Soul into a clever dance sound. An accomplished multi-instrumentalist and producer/engineer , he set out to self
produce his debut album “Empress” released in late 2014 on past production stylings involving dated digital devices, cassette tapes and plenty of classic analog flavor. He would take this sound into nearly all his following productions which
found his stylings rooted in thematic dance songs with borderless sound which could effortlessly cross several genres both timeless and modern. Within moments listen, one can quickly identify the notorious R&B Soul stylings of an early Prince, or the musical freedom that forged a forever Bowie . Even as he explores this hook driven dance sound over massive synth textures and electronic beats, he somehow delivers that classic and familiar Rock and Roll energy over all of it. He
puts us in touch with that uniting moment in time we call live music and celebration. A one of a kind artist that aims to invite you in and move you with him and his incredible supporting band; Berahmand will definitly do just that! With a
forever growing catalog , you can easily find berahmand on all major music platforms including Pandora, Spotify, iTunes or visit


Wonderly is an American musical duo comprised of Jim Brunberg and Ben Landsverk. Innovative, intricate harmonies paired with virtuosic instrumental arrangements provide the backdrop for unusual, emotional character studies. Wonderly composes the music for New York Times podcasts The Daily and Dear Sugars, and was recently featured by the music podcast Song Exploder.

Before forming Wonderly, Jim and Ben performed and recorded with such diverse artists as Smokey Robinson, Kristin Hersh, Mark Orton, Jack Casady, Van Dyke Parks, Holcombe Waller, Storm Large, Alela Diane, Pink Martini, Ashleigh Flynn, Liz Vice, Rachel Taylor Brown, and John Wesley Harding.



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