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Dimmu Borgir

American Death/Grind unit Macabre was formed in 1985 by Nefarious (bass, vocals), Corporate Death (guitar, vocals) and Dennis the Menace (drums) in Chicago, Illinois. In 1987, they released a mini-LP titled "Grim Reality" on their own label Decomposed Records and the following year they released their first and only demo "Shitlist". Was later re-released in 1990 as a 7" EP on Gore Records. In 1989, they released their first LP named "Gloom" on Vinyl Solution and re-released "Grim Reality" on vinyl with two bonus tracks. In 1990, Vinyl Solution released "Gloom" on Cd with the "Grim Reality" mini-LP. In 1992, Macabre signs to Nuclear Blast and in September they enter Universal Studios for the recording of their second full-length "Sinister Slaughter", which is released in 1993. The EP "Nightstalker" was released earlier on Relapse Records in 1993. In 1995, they released the "Behind The Wall Of Sleep" EP, that was their second and last release on Nuclear Blast. In 1998, Macabre re-released a re-mastered version of "Gloom" with a new cover on Decomposed Records and later they licensed it to Hammerheart Records. The label became the new way they released all their records after the "Behind The Wall Of Sleep" EP. In 1999, marked the first time to hear brand new material of Macabre since 1995 on their new EP "Unabomber", which featured three new songs and four songs from "Grim Reality" and "Gloom". They also recorded their third full-length album "Dahmer" that was released in the year 2000.
Between the release of "Dahmer" and 2003, Macabre had done a lot of touring and also released EP's. The first one was a split with Capitalist Casualties and featured two songs from the "Gloom" LP and the other one is the "Drill Bit Lobotomy" EP, that's first only pressed in 200 copies and sold on one of their US tours. It was later re-released with new packaging. Corporate Death and Nefarious also released an acoustic mini-cd as Macabre Minstrels entitled "Morbid Campfire Songs" on Decomposed Records. In 2003, Macabre's fourth album hit the stores entitled "Murder Metal" and is followed by heavy touring. In the year 2004, Season Of Mist Records, re-released the Macabre Minstrels' "Morbid Campfire Songs" mini-cd and it marked a first time release for the European market.



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