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Thaylobleu is a Washington DC Based Band consisting of lead singer/writer Terence Nicholson (Sub-Z of Opus Akoben) and Ezra Greer (bass). Having grown up in DC, Nicholson has been exposed to the sensibilities of groups like Black Flag, Bad Brains, Rare Essence, Chuck Brown, and a myriad of hip mc's and Jamaican DJ's. He was carrying equipment for a rock band that lived next door to him when he was 11 years old, which got him exposed to Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and other artists of that era. At 16, he was known as T-Slice in a hip hop group called Dynamically Fresh. This group did a film for the BBC in 1984 about Go-Go music in DC. By 18, he was a rapper in a Reggae band called Soup. After graduating from the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, Nicholson continued his pusuit of artforms and met saxophonist Steve Coleman and along with his childhood friend Carl Walker (Kokayi of Opus Akoben), helped create Steve Coleman and Metrics in 1995. After touring extensively in Europe, Nicholson and Walker co-founded Opus Akoben and released their first album, The Art of War in 1997. The second album, Raw Life was released on French Label, Label Bleu in 2003. Since then, Nicholson has been writing and composing music for Opus Akoben and his fledgeling effort from Thaylobleu entitled , "Purge". He says, "I just wanna tell the truth. I am not concerned about genre so much as getting the ideas out. Every song is like a painting and together form a body of work. Once I stopped worrying about making what I thought people would dig, the true stuff has begun to far."..



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