Sandra Lynn

Sandra Lynn

The result of Lynn's deep dive is her latest EP FIGHT, which is a testament to how she's grown as an artist willing to reveal deeply felt emotions and put them into the music. "These songs touch on the vulnerable and intimate details we ladies like to talk about behind closed doors with one another," she says of FIGHT, which features contributions from Rachel Proctor, Shane Stevens, Matthew West, Dave Pittenger, and her collaboration with Jake Scott ("From The Outside"). "The songs convey the push and pull in relationships, which take work; sometimes they work out and sometimes they don't. I want listeners to feel that friction, but to also come away with a hopeful feeling that what's meant to be will always work itself out. Fight for what you love, work for what you want, and don't take relationships for granted."

Taken together, the songs on FIGHT tell a story about a couple who are struggling to save their relationship ("Fight"), but eventually realize they must call it quits ("Rest in Pieces), though one isn't so sure they're over their former love when someone new tries to sweep them off their feet ("Somebody Kissed Me At A Bar"). The final song, "From The Outside," delivers the larger message of Lynn's story, which is that the grass isn't always greener on the other side. "What might appear to be happy on the outside might in fact be broken on the inside," she says. "I hope the takeaway is not to wish for someone else's life because you never know what goes on behind closed doors."

FIGHT is the first "Chapter" in a three-part series of EPs that Lynn will release in 2018. "Because this is an ever-evolving journey, I wanted the freedom to write about whatever was coming up in the moment and then share the songs in stages, but they will tell a larger story when taken as a whole," she says. To help her capture sonically the intimacy that the lyrics demanded, Lynn turned to Grammy Award-winning producer and engineer Ben Fowler, who has engineered records for such artists as Sara Evans and Love & Theft. "I feel like there's a new part of me that has been awakened as an artist and a person, and Ben captured a vulnerability in my voice, honing in on the raw and vocally defining moments and capitalizing on them," she says. "He truly has a keen ear for finding those takes that carry the emotion just enough without getting lost in it, but also conveying the story of the song. You feel like you're standing right in front of the listener and singing in their ear."

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