EPIC Motion High School’s Prom of ‘79

EPIC Motion Dance Company

It’s 1979, and all that anyone can talk about at EPIC Motion High School is the Senior Prom. George Cohen is going with Norma Watson, and Rhonda Torrington is going with Kenny Wilson from the soccer team. Though, the most surprising couple of the evening is sure to be Tommy Ross and Carrie White. After a humiliating incident in the girl’s locker room where Carrie was tormented by Chris Hargensen, Sue Snell, and a slew of other senior girls, Sue convinced Tommy to take Carrie to the prom in an effort to make things right. Chris, on the other hand, has been banned from prom for refusing to go to detention. After such an eventful school year, the EMHS Prom of 1979 is sure to be a night no one will ever forget!

$15.00 - $30.00


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