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As the daughter of a songwriter/producer— Angie of the music blog WhatAngieSays knew she’d most likely land somewhere in the world of entertainment. Her father is largely responsible for Angie’s obsession with music — Having written and produced songs for artists all the way from Smokey Robinson to 80’s Pop Icon Tiffany — she learned everything she knows about music from sitting in his studio and from his life lessons “according to the Beatles.” Angie became a music journalist in order to introduce what she felt was good music to the world. She is now a regular music contributor to digital magazines such as: Galore, The Plaid Zebra, The Huffington Post, Paste, LadyGUNN, Inked, Nylon, Alt Press and more. Her music blog can be found at www.whatangiesays.com and her concert excursions can be followed @Whatangiesays on Instagram.

The Ready Set

Born November 14, 1989 in Fort Wayne, IN, USA.
US electropop producer.

A hustler between LA and Portland, multi-talented musician, vocalist, and producer Phil Good is gearing up for his first release of 2018 - "Better." Phil Good's quirky personality, paralleled with a versatile musical skill set help define him as both a creator and character. Set to release February 23 via Lowly Palace, "Better" is a charismatic, innately approachable piece that heeds the power to stand as a pillar in his early, yet flourishing career.
2017 proved to be a monumental year for the artist. His feature on k?d's single "Lose Myself" effortlessly soared to number one on the Soundcloud dance charts, he executed co-writes with the likes of Cheat Codes and CADE, all while receiving support form ThisSongIsSick, Dancing Astronaut, Indie Shuffle, MrSuicideSheep, IndieNation, and more. Recognized primarily for electronic originals, features, and co-writes, Phil Good's musical aesthetic challenges the rigid expectation that a musician is supposed to fit into any one "genre." The proficient producer layers his tracks with strings as he operates a guitar with a swift and airy dexterity, capable of serenading the masses with his soft, indie voice and breezy acoustic riffs. "Better" collectively combines his extensive skill set by showcasing a single that is optimistically poetic, produced with electronic effervescence and distinct notes of indie-bounce. Fearless and lively, "Better" is the catalyst for another successful and creative year for Phil Good.
"Some days I wake up and I feel like I don’t know how to be a human being. I feel like a lot of people can relate to that. Life isn’t easy sometimes and something as simple as waking up to face the day ahead can be a monumental task. This song is me telling myself to just ride it out because things can and will always get better." - Phil Good




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