JUNGLE FIRE digs deep into afro/latin funk music with a highly explosive psychedelic and uniquely Angeleno flavor!
Jungle Fire’s highly infectious and explosive sound draws inspiration from the groundbreaking rhythm sections behind James Brown, Fela Kuti, Ray Barretto and Irakere; a musical recipe consisting of West African and Afro-Caribbean styles layered with heavy break-beat funk, all spiced with a dose of uniquely Angeleno grit.

Genre: Latin/Afro/Funk/Soul / Hometown: Los Angeles
Michael Duffy (Timbales)
Steve Haney (Congas,bongos,shekere)
Sam Halterman (Drums)
Joey Reina (Bass)
Sam Robles (Baritone Sax,Flute)
Otto Granillo (Trombone)
Miguel Ramirez (Congas,Bongos)
Alberto Lopez (Timbales, bongos)
Judson McDaniel (Guitar)
Patrick Bailey (Guitar)
Sean Billings (Trumpet)
David Moyer (Baritone Sax,Flute)

$10.00 - $15.00


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