CTRL ALT DEL: A Film by Pirooz Kalayeh

CTRL ALT DEL: A Film by Pirooz Kalayeh

Some movies are made to help you start over.

Four lives intertwine on a single day in Los Angeles. Each pairing moves through various issues regarding gender inequality, the misuse of power, and familial pressure, until they shift into something different and unexpected.

Nick Ryan | Sam
Alexandra Naughton | Mimi
Panauh Kalayeh | Ahtish
Jayinee Basu | Barsha
Pirooz Kalayeh | Houssein
Brad Warner | Ben
Lindsey Kate Cristofani | Wawa
Nick Rutkaus | Simon
Hooshmand Kalayeh | Dr. Moldavi

Director: Pirooz Kalayeh
Screenplay: Pirooz Kalayeh
Producers: Pirooz Kalayeh, Aaron Lee Dowell
Editors: Pirooz Kalayeh, Carlos Reveles Jr.
Cinematographer: Aaron Lee Dowell
2nd Unit: Andy Chinn
Sound Operator: Carlos Reveles Jr.
Dialogue Mix: Jim Batcho
Sound Mix: Aaron Lee Dowell
Original Music: Jin Wooh, Brad Warner, Ben Lowe
Additional Music: The Bullbuckers, Michael Deragon

$8.00 - $10.00


Q&A with director Pirooz Kalayeh

Special Guests: Scary Hours, Kevin Tarzanin of Bullbuckers

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