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Heath Green & The Makeshifters

Rock N Roll from Birmingham AL

- Heath Green & The Makeshifters is a group of incredible deep-feel musicians hailing from Birmingham, Alabama.

The band is fronted by Heath Green, a singer who bears the Eddie Hinton mantle as much as anyone living does. The Makeshifters’ heavy sound has been compared to Leon Russell and The Shelter People, Humble Pie, and Joe Cocker.

Heath Green & The Makeshifters’ self-titled debut album will be released early 2017 on Alive Naturalsound records.

As a longtime fixture on the Birmingham music scene through groups like Mudpie and Fishergreen, Heath Green has carved out a reputation as one of the finest songwriters and performers around, combining gritty storytelling born out of the dirt and red clay of his home state with an electric delivery that’s on par with the best soul men of the modern era. And nowhere is that more clear than in this riveting new band The Makeshifters. Featuring the blistering fretwork of Jody Nelson from local indie rock savants Through the Sparks, along with longtime collaborators Jason Lucia and Greg Slamen holding down the rhythm section. It's a wild mash-up of low slung blues/funk, Black Sabbath guitar licks, and scorched earth howls. One of the best kept secrets on the Magic City music scene; Heath Green & The Makeshifters is Kind of like lightning in a bottle, but with more fire.

Dig in and hold on tight, it’s about to get hot around here.

The Makeshifters are Bringing Rock N Roll Back!!

John Elrod

Singer Songwriter / Acoustic from Birmingham AL

$8.00 - $10.00


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