Rest, Repose (Outdoor Stage)

Rest, Repose

We want to bring the sound of guitar driven music to your earballs.

Tanner - Vocals
Josh - Bass
Jared - Drums
Tony - Guitars
Fluff - Guitars

Drewsif started as a basement recording project in 2007, with a few EP releases, LP releases, and youtube videos paving the way to eventually blossoming into a full live band set up in 2013. Ever forward, Drewsif continues to bring grooves and bad jokes to a city or a screen near you!

The Home Team

5 piece pop-punk band from Seattle, WA.

Bleed The Victim

Originally formed by brothers Alec and Brett Johnson with the name "BloodLine" but was later changed after Tyler Shuford, lead guitar, joined to "Bleed the Victim". We have had a few line up changes with bass players but they all deserve to be mentioned. First bassist : Matt Ingram
Second Bassist: James Adams
Our new bassist name is Damon Bradley, He has been with us for more than a year now.
We have played all over from Reno Nevada, Omaha Nebraska, Kansas City Missouri, Rapid City South Dakota, and we are always looking for more opportunities to spread our music. Our first album is in the process of being recording so hit us up in about a couple months to pick up your copy! Much love and appreciation to all the crazy people that make music what it is today. Thank you all of the people that have supported our music. More tunes coming soon.

$12.00 - $15.00


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