The Stick Shifts

The Stick Shifts

The Stick Shifts perform rock and roll from the 1960s to the present, packing dance floors with happy fans singing along to the “Fun, Fast, and Familiar” tunes. Artists they cover range from Bowie to Black Keys to Blind Faith, The Stones and Clapton. The band has five members, with an array of musical facets in addition to the ’normal’ four piece including congas, trombone, harp, mandolin, and impressive vocal harmonies. They intersperse melodic acoustic numbers with clusters of rarely covered bastions of power rock. They frequently feature guest musicians to the delight of audiences, which typically span several generations. Founded in 2014, the group performs at the Sausalito Cruising Club, the Presidio Yacht Club, the Sausalito Seahorse, Sam’s Anchor Cafe, HopMonk Tavern, as well as private parties and fundraising events.



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