Highland Ramblers, The Heresies

Highland Ramblers

North Denver’s Highland Ramblers create handmade, mile high music. Blending elements of Blues, Folk and Bluegrass, this ve piece draws inspiration from classic artists such as Graham Parsons and the Grateful Dead with a nod to more contemporary bands from Ween to Wilco. Over the past decade, their unique sound has earned accolades from Westword (Ten of the Best Bluegrass Bands in Colorado: 2016 Edition) and CBSDenver (Top Local Bluegrass Bands in Colorado).

2017 marked the release of their latest EP, Brand New Holes. The single Love Me on the Highway is a mid-tempo, honky-tonker exploring the tribulations of finding love in rush hour gridlock traffic.

The Heresies

100% original Colorado honky tonk music.

That’s what the Heresies make.

“100% original” here means two things. First—you won’t catch them playing anybody else’s music. All of the songs are written by the leader and frontman, Kris Harris. Second—although their music has a direct, easily traceable lineage to pure country and honky tonk of the past, there is no other band quite like the Heresies.

In all things musical and otherwise, Kris sees the beauty, meaning, and functionality in the discarded bits and pieces that others have deemed ugly, meaningless, and useless. Then he glues, screws, and weaves them together along with universally appreciated items into aesthetically pleasing objects of intrigue and unique functionality.

What do the Heresies sound like? Something like a solution of Ray Price, Waylon, and Paycheck dissolved in a solvent of Roger Miller.

The sound starts with a foundation of strong and steady rhythm provided by Chris Budin (drums) and Max Paley (bass), and is complimented by the melodic clawhammer banjo of Chad Swiercinsky. In addition to his warm and velvety voice, Kris chops and shuffles along on his twangy (and sparkly) electric guitar, interjecting the occasional creative lead line. But the lion’s share of leads come from Jay Timp’s fiery and fearless lap steel. The whole thing is tied together by the perfect harmonies of Chris and Max.

Sometimes funny, sometimes serious. Always thought-provoking. Anything but monotonous.

The Heresies’ vast collection of original songs ranges from heartfelt ballads and waltzes to shuffling two-steps to swingers to outright rockers. There is no yawning or clock-gazing at a Heresies show.



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