The Giraffes, Ereptile Destruction, Garden of the Ark

The Giraffes

The Giraffes have shredded, burned, and leveled every audience from their hometown of Brooklyn, through the Lone Star State, to the Sunset Strip, and back again. Lead singer Aaron Lazar and guitar wizard Damien Paris form the focus of the band supported by the locomotive rhythm section of maniac drummer Andrew Totolos and heavy groove of Josh Taggart on bass. With limited US show dates set for this spring, the Giraffes at St. Vitus will be in celebration and support of the Vinyl release of their EP Usury.

‘To put it simply: The Giraffes are what great rock ‘n’ roll forgot it was. They’re incomparable on CD, and in-your-face The Giraffes live shows deliver time after time, even if you’ve seen them over and over again. The show is dangerous, comical, sinister, raunchy, and over the top all at once – they’ll impress you technically while blowing out your ears, sharing cigs, whiskey, and beer, and of course, truly entertaining you in every sense of the word.’ QRQ Magazine

“A front row seat at a Giraffes show meant getting caught in a beer rainstorm, as the band and audience members alike went flying into the crowd with wild abandon. Beer and bottles of Jameson were passed. Aaron made a noose out of the mic cord, wrapped it around his neck and gave it to the crowd to choke him while he forced lyrics past his collapsing trachea. A Giraffes performance is a spectacle you will never forget’ ~ Brooklyn Vegan

‘As much as the next guy, I’m tough and like to chug whiskey, crack skulls, put cigarettes out on my wrist, and screw chicks. Ok, well, maybe I’m not, but I like bands that are. And seeing the Giraffes’ live show is like getting shanked in the face with a soaring microphone. Booze swilling and all the rest, they display good theatrics, commandeering vocals, artful shreading, and it’s flat out impossible not to listen up’ - L Magazine

"Metallica and Black Sabbath are the obvious touchstones, but the rhythm section clearly owns a copy of The Who's Greatest Hits as well. Drug addiction and soccer riots provide fodder for the lyrics, while the flammable guitar work could have only come from someone that's walked some of life's hard roads."

Ereptile Destruction

Garden of the Ark

Craig Montoro (Takka Takka, Sufjan Stevens 'Illinois'), Conrad Doucette (Takka Takka, Gabriel and the Hounds, The National), and Baxter Holland(ex-Miracles).
We are heavier than our previous bands, mixing up heavy 70s riffs with noisy 90s vibes.


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