Poca's Hottest 7th Annual Sauce Cook-Off


"SPiTFIRE" was named after my Grandmother, Nona. Growing up in the south in the 50's she was a force that none could compare. I have been in the music industry since I was 15 growing up on the stages of Nashville. I moved to Los Angeles where I worked and performed with top producers, song writers, and musicians while performing the infamous clubs of the Sunset Strip. I relocated to Florida to be closer to my family and friends and returned to my southern roots. Orlando was not the hot bed of Original music I had hoped so I had to compromise and got into the cover scene. With luck I found some of the best musicians in town and have been privileged to play in some amazing projects. When I put my project together my name, Ensley, was too hard for people to grasp when booking. They were confused and it was tough to brand. So I decided to name my project "SPiTFIRE". As of this year I am launching SPiTFIRE Entertainment, LLC. I perform with various musicians depending on the project, the venue, and what the needs are for the client. I prefer originals however as Donna Summer says "I work hard for the money" so I also perform covers.

The Ludes

Heavy ass rock.

The Legendary JC's

It all started with some sharkskin suits and Otis Redding tunes more than seven years ago. Since that point, the members of the The Legendary JC’s have ridden a wave of sweaty grooves and press accolades to a point where they are ready for lift-off.

The Legendary JC’s (commonly The Joint Chiefs) started flooring Central Florida crowds with their brand of soulful rocking blues in 2000. With a lineup consisting of top central Florida musicians, part of the magic of the shows is never knowing who is going to show up.

The Goldminers

The Goldminers are old school, outlaw style, good time country, so old school that they're not going to be found on your computer. They have so much stage presence they don't have to have an on-line presence!


An indie-acoustic band with mountain music roots, blending influences of rock, songwriter, folk and bluegrass.

Sideshow Revival

Rock / Americana band from Orlando, FL featuring: Michael Powell - Vocals, Guitar, Tom Harrington - Guitar, Vocals, Troy Kelly - Guitar, Vocals, Dave Wade - Bass and James Thatcher - Drums

Druid Lord

Druid Lord is an American doom metal band, based in central Florida.

Formed in 2010, featuring three former members of Equinox (10) and a former member of Bodies In The Gears Of The Apparatus.

Tears of a Tyrant

If Hendrix and Adele ever met...and paired the Duke of Bass and Mr. Mantastic...damn, that would be a great band!

Leisure Chief

Leisure Chief is a nu-wave, musical powerhouse drawing influence from Funk, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Soul, yet defying the confines of any one genre. Inventive compositions paired with the spirit of improvisation and jazz harmony distinguishes them as a noteworthy group of musicians bringing forth a refreshing sense of originality. Though the band is heavily instrumental-oriented, they also feature vibrant vocals, extending their sound to the reach of all types of music lovers.

Leisure Chief (Multi-versal Funk, Rock, Hip Hop, and Fusion collective) is proud to present their long awaited full-length release "King of Nothing"

$20.00 - $40.00


A fun filled family friendly event loaded with great food, killer tunes, and all the sauce you can handle


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