Easy Rider Live is a movie-meets-concert mash-up featuring a screening of the indie classic Easy Rider with its bestselling soundtrack played live by a hot 7-piece band. On the 50th anniversary of the film’s completion, audiences today will appreciate it’s social critique more than ever. Going beyond a 60’s tribute, this production takes the audience on an audio-visual journey that is musically rich and unforgettable.

Featuring music by Hendrix, Dylan, The Byrds, Steppenwolf, and The Band, the Easy Rider soundtrack was hailed by Rolling Stone as ‘one of the top 25 film soundtracks of all time’. This production includes all 11 songs that defined the politics of 1969. As the movie plays the music emerges into live performance, allowing audiences to enjoy the film while simultaneously anticipating the next live musical explosion.

Easy Rider Live transforms “going to the movies” into something special, an immersive night of a new kind of entertainment experience. One viewer wrote: “The show brought Easy Rider to life, and brought it into today.  This was a fantastic experience.” Prejudice, intolerance, and questioning “the system” have reemerged as relevant issues in our political landscape. One can’t imagine a better time to revisit this classic.

The band features two charismatic lead singers: Tracy Blackman & Jesse Ray Smith. Robert Powell is on guitar, pedal steel and vocals;Tom Finch – lead guitar; vocals, Tim Baker – bass; Chris Houston – keyboards, accordion; and Eddie Berman – drums. Together they bring Easy Rider to life.

Audience members react to Easy Rider Live:
“There were so many interpretations of the music that made the movie more powerful.Easy Rider Live was a beautiful night of music and cinema.”
“When the band kicked in, it totally took the movie to a different dimension. It was amazing.”


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