I Fight Dragons

I Fight Dragons

I Fight Dragons are precisely the sonic "power up" that pop culture needs.

On their debut EP, Cool Is Just a Number and their follow up EP Welcome to the Breakdown (Photo Finish/Atlantic Records), the Chicago rockers wrap warm harmonies in sounds generated directly from vintage Nintendo soundcards. The EPs showcase the five-piece's digitized, daring approach to music, mixing chiptune and pop rock. Equally nodding to Weezer and Final Fantasy, I Fight Dragons approach alt-rock with just the right controller.

Lead vocalist/guitarist Brian Mazzaferri describes the band's enigmatic style best. "We've got pop rock elements, but we've also got original music made using old video game soundcards. We abuse those Gameboy and NES soundcards in a set of musical modes that were defined by early video game music."

"We're basically trying to be a cyborg band,” jokes guitarist Packy Lundholm. Whether or not they're terminators sent back in time on a mission of rock 'n' roll doesn't matter, because no soundcard is safe from I Fight Dragons. In early 2008, Brian partnered up with keyboardist Bill Prokopow in order to transform a solo demo of "Heads Up, Hearts Down" into something more. "Bill and I stumbled upon chiptune,” says Brian. "I told him that I wanted the beginning of the song to sound like Nintendo music. We used synthesizers at first, but we learned about chiptune soon after. We realized there were ways to access those soundcards and control them in the studio. From there, it was a no-brainer to connect the dots and do rock music in the songs we were making."

MC Lars, real name Andrew Nielsen, (born October 6, 1982 in Berkeley, California) is an American rapper. He is the self-proclaimed originator of "post-punk laptop rap". He has recorded for Truck Records in the UK and his Laptop EP is licensed to Sidecho Records in the USA. He was formerly known as MC Lars Horris but changed his pseudonym to MC Lars in 2004 for the sake of simplicity.

Sky Fox

Skyfox is a band that you should never ever take for granted or underestimate. In order for any band to make it they need to spend years of hard work and dedication perfecting themselves and what they do into a rock solid piece of musical machinery. Once the machinery is built the quest for constant improvement must continue. This is exactly how Skyfox operates. Don't ever think because these guys are some of the most fun loving and down to Earth guys offstage that they don't deliver the definitive pop-punk experience on stage. With years of experience in the rock n roll trenches behind them Skyfox knows how to craft each note into a hook and each hook into a song and each song into a live performance that is as tight and dynamic as a band can deliver. Like the war plane they are named after Skyfox can "Bring the rain!" and their very large and loyal fan base thank them for it.

Kill3r Whale

"The thing about Robert Joffred and Andrew Lim is that they play by their own rules. Together, the childhood friends are Kill3r Whale, a musical sensation who impose their artistic impressions on today's popular songs, converting them to unique chiptune creations. In short, they fashion hard beats and tunes out of gameboys - yes, gameboys. Joffred and Lim share equal amounts of talent; they are musically inclined and tech savvy, minimalistic and hip, securing them as fearless trailblazers amid the hard-to-please college party scene. The group has been booked at numerous events, playing for audiences at hot-spot bars as well as packed fraternity houses. Kill3r Whale is not just that band at the party, but is the party itself. Lim, the group’s drummer, exudes rock star quality as Joffred pumps out the beats and lyrics, inviting each audience member to dance and sing along with contagious energy. Kill3er Whale’s free-spirited stylings are surprising and different, and will leave you thinking that this was how the song was meant to be played."

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