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Job Creators

Funky, and Improvisational duo from Boston, Massachusetts.

Dino Petaccio & The Intruders

A singer/songwriter hailing from South Jersey, Dino Petaccio, along with his band "The Intruders", sets out to tell you his stories and experiences through the timeless spectacle of Rock and Roll.

Blending fuzzy rock guitars with synthesizers and haunting vocal harmonies, NEW MYTHS create a sound that catches you and keeps you. A Brooklyn-based power trio with a new wave/grunge/pop sensibility, NEW MYTHS is the collaboration of Brit Boras (guitar/lead vocals), Rosie Slater (drums/vocals), & Marina Ross (bass/vocals).

The Slim Kings

The Slim Kings stand at the eye of a perfect storm for bluesy rock ‘n’ roll. Among the New York group’s ranks are three young guns; singer, and rhythm guitarist Michael Sackler-Berner, lead guitarist Henry Geller, and bassist Andy Attanasio along with legendary drummer Liberty DeVitto, who spent over three decades playing on seminal records for, and performing with Billy Joel. Blending elegant song craft, impeccable instrumentation, and a whole lot of soul, this formidable lineup comes to life.

Tim Stout

Having started performing his music for live audiences in May of 2017, New York-based musician Tim Stout has taken off. With a sultry and often funky R&B-influenced pop sound, his music explores the intricacies of modern romance and communication in a rapidly changing world.


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