Pamela Moore

Best known as Queensÿche’s Sister Mary, Pamela Moore is a proven musical powerhouse and veteran entertainer.

Pamela’s dynamic trajectory began in the eighties. The sultry vocalist’s first two solo albums, Take a Look (1981) and You Won’t Find Me There (1982) were very well received.

A native of Seattle, Washington, Pamela moved to New York City in the late nineties to become the singer for Radar, recording the band’s 2000 release, R.P.M. When Radar dissolved in 2001, Pamela returned to the Pacific Northwest. Pamela continued following her passion, making guest appearances on various albums in the next decade, most notably as the voice of “Sister Mary” on Queensÿche’s heralded concept album, Operation Mindcrime. Pamela toured with Queensrÿche in 2003 to 2008 as a featured vocalist and stage actress.

The tour reignited Pamela’s desire to record her own album, and she began writing songs with former Rorschach Test guitarist, Benjamin Anderson. The two found instant chemistry as Pamela’s lyrics and melodies brought Anderson’s musical ideas to life. Stories from a Blue Room, released in 2006 under Planet Sweet Records, was the compelling result. The eleven-track album features guest vocals from Terri Nunn (Berlin), guitarist Michael Wilton (Queensrÿche) and Jeff Loomis (Nevermore).

After touring extensively with Queensrÿche, Pamela took her time finding the perfect collaborators for her next album Resurrect Me. Chicago-based guitarist, Michael Posch (Radakka, Century Media) provides potent, addictive metal grooves and soundscapes. Combined with Pamela's stylistic, emotive power vocals and inquisitive lyrics, they create pure metal magic.

Citing “life experiences” as her inspiration, Pamela Moore tells the raw truth in her lyrics, expressive voice and haunting melodies. A unique landscape of emotion, power and passion.

Resurrect Me also boasts powerhouse guest stars, including a duet with Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear, Gamma Ray) and a guest shred by Jeff Loomis (Jeff Loomis, Nevermore). The album earned Pamela, Music Enthusiast Magazine’s “Best Metal CD” distinction in 2013.

Pamela has been writing with her primary songwriting partner Michael Posch but also joined forces with new co-writer Craig Church, sharing a few of the albums collaborations. The follow up album is due for release in Spring 2018.

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