The Ponderosa Aces

The Ponderosa Aces

Welcome to Aces country! Banded together in the outlaw territory of Long Beach, California, The Ponderosa Aces are wanted known from north county Los Angeles down to the border for perpetrating our irresistible West Coast Psychedelic Honky Tonk.

Front and center behind behind the beard we've got Mike Maddux, strummin' and croonin' and growlin' and stompin'. That powerful voice makes the folks smile and dance, laugh and shout, and maybe shed a tear or two. Then he calls the second number. Pull off your coat and throw it in the corner--Mr. Maddux is singin' some homespun glory and you're gonna want to stay for a spell.

On your left is Alex 'Hoss' Griggs, flashing that Fender Telecaster like a gunslinger at high noon. Our gentle giant's got a signature twang as happy as a get-out-of-jail-free card. And he does it all without any fancy gimmicks or tricky pedals cluttering up the club. When Hoss starts pickin' we need every inch of the dance floor.

It takes a rock solid drummer to keep the whole show from flyin' off the handle. Lucky we've got the mighty Arthur Rodriguez to keep us on the ground. Steady as your grandpa's watch, Art's rhythms roll the band along like a mystery train. His whole kit could maybe fit in your pocket, but you can't stop your toes from tappin' when you hear that great big beat.

Twenty strings, eight pedals and four knee levers: we don't know how Steve Meister works that contraption but our pedal steel player's got it all figured out. Part mad scientist, part wizard and pure genius. Don't let the black hat fool you: there's no sound as heavenly as that steel on the strings. When Steve starts slidin' you can see the crowd stop and look around for the angels.

We saw a lonesome traveler walking along the road after midnight, not too far from Soledad Prison. Johnny Bottoms threw his bass in the van, pulled his hat down low and pretended to fall asleep. He must've sinned something awful to play those low down dirty, devilish bass lines, but he's not sayin' and we ain't askin'.

The Ponderosa Aces were nominated as “Outlaw Group of the Year” by The Ameripolitan Music Awards 2016 & 2017 and our 2016 independent release "Honky Tonkin’ My Life Away" was called “Pure Country Album of the Year” by The Academy of Western Artists. We've been featured in the Los Angeles Times, OC Weekly, The Edge LB, Long Beach Independent,, and our pictures can be seen in post offices up and down the Southland.

Grab yourself a hold of the Aces' fine new album“Honky Tonkin’ My Life Away” or, better yet, pull on your boots, grab your hat, and come on down to see us playing live at a honky-tonk near you!



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