Water Slice

Water Slice is the brainchild of Echo Park
based singer-songwriter, Patrick Phillips, who has assembled a band around him that LA Magazine calls, "something of a supergroup of the L.A. scene."

Performing inside the aural vicinity
of power-pop and indie-psychedelic rock, those who listen to Water Slice’s songs can expect to become connected with the struggles, sorrows, and reflective nuances found in Phillip’s songwriting. At the same token, Water Slice’s music is greatly accessible,
remarkably groovy, and elicits a happier time and place for its listeners to travel back to. Songs like “Please Remember” touch upon the notion of one’s current state and putting yourself under the microscope. It’s embracing your flaws and learning not to
freak out about where your life is headed. Looking closer at “This Way”, it examines how if one’s past life is creeping up on them, then change lanes and head in a different direction. If one thing is clear, the record encapsulates the belief that life is
constantly shifting and only the beholder can control their own trajectory from completely going off the rails.

Water Slice’s self-titled debut EP hit the web in August 2018 on all major streaming services.

Will Munroe

Smokin' Ziggurats

Smokin' Ziggurats was formed from the bond created by guitarists and songwriters Tom Smith and Ben McClintock as they toured as the guitar section of San Francisco band, Social Studies. Their disparate yet harmonious approach to the instrument fueled a new body of work, featuring ping-ponging post-punk guitar leads and twin vocal harmony, and a new band was born.



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