Let’s do St. Paddy’s Day differently this year — March 17th Saturdaybreaker!

Did you know St Patricks Day was a dry holiday from 1903 until 1970? All pubs were closed so people could center their attention on more important thangs. Fast forward to 2012 where a study estimated the total amount spent on beer for St. PD celebrations. Guess how many dollah bills ppl in the U.S were spending? $245 million!! And that’s not including tips.


Not knocking anything. It just seems to us that studies are suggesting — it’s time to put a little magic back in that St. Paddy’s Day rainbow. Sooooo…..on Saturday (yep!) March 17th, we’re coming together at the Fox Theater on “The Hill” for a morning to remember (literally).

Wear green and gold and come dance as a reminder that whenever we’re together, we are all the luckiest.

See you on the dancefloor.

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