THE RANGER - Pennsylvania Premiere

THE RANGER - Pennsylvania Premiere

THE RANGER - Pennsylvania Premiere
(Dir. Jenn Wexler, 2018, USA, 80 min)
Filmmaker Jenn Wexler in attendance!

When a drug-fueled night at an NYC punk club ends in a bloody scuffle with the cops, punk rocker Chelsea (Chloe Levine of CFF 2017 selection The Transfiguration) and her friends flee the city to the long-abandoned family cabin in the woods where she grew up. Upon their arrival, they cross paths with a park ranger (Jeremy Holm of House of Cards and Mr. Robot) who has ties to Chelsie’s mysterious past, and takes his job very seriously. Little do they know the lengths to which he will go to retain the sanctity of the forest and how hard they’re going to have to try to outsmart him in order to stay alive.

Jenn Wexler, producer of the Glass Eye Pix productions Darling and Most Beautiful Island, makes her directorial debut with this unique take on the slasher genre that brings the expected blood and violence, while infusing it with kinetic pacing, hallucinogenic photography, well-drawn characters and the kind of unhinged and deranged villain that is destined to become a fan favorite. Featuring music by Fang, Rotten UK, Atom Age, The Avengers, Dayglo Abortions, and more!

April 12-30, 2018



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