Monday Night Residency - Ramonda Hammer

Ramonda Hammer is a Los Angeles-based grunge band whose name comes from a lady featured on the early 2000s reality television show Cheaters. The show is funny and sad, kind of how frontwoman and band founder Devin Davis writes her songs. "Davis is the queen of grunge,” says KSPC. In 2017, the band caught Rolling Stone's attention, with writer Maura Johnston naming their "Destroyers" EP an editors' pick and writing "Devin Davis' knotty, unguarded wail and Justin Geter's distortion-heavy, brutally melodic riffs on tracks like the churning 'Bender' and the breakneck 'Care to Slam?' are like an alternate Nineties where L7 was the biggest band in the world." The band's rhythm section – bassist Andy Hengl and drummer Mark Edwards – turn Davis' songs into fully formed anthems: "crunchy, grungey, no-B.S. ’90s-style alt-rock” as Buzzbands.LA described it. They've shared stages with likeminded bands like Slothrust, Palehound, Priests, Potty Mouth, Colleen Green, Dude York, Pile, and were named one of L.A.'s hardest working bands by Oh My Rockness last year. In 2018, the band will reissue the "Destroyers" EP on vinyl, release an album on the New Professor label, and tour the U.S. extensively in support.

FACIAL makes the noise that cuts like a chainsaw through the thick buildup of residue in your mind, left behind by years of dealing with the dull banality of life.
They take the dead parts of your brain killed by mundane repetition and blasts it away with a pressure hose, while the low end rattles all the barnacles off your body and pounds you the way you are always afraid to ask for. Sweet melodies interchange with primal screaming as you fluctuate between comfort and discomfort, horror and jubilation, familiarity and utter confusion.

FACIAL aren’t always making sense. In fact, they have been known to not make sense at all. It makes perfect sense considering the difficulty of true communication. This is due to the subjective nature of reality, lack of attention due to mass distraction, and the fact that anything anybody does can be taken out of context and framed to be perceived in any which way you want! These are just a few factors, so imagine trying to boil down a live, complex organism, such as a band, to a concise couple of paragraphs, using words! what a difficult task!

Who wants to read anyways! What could somebody read about a band that would even peak their interest? A cute story? Their musical references and antecedents? Perhaps some affiliation with a more well-known artist? Maybe we are completely bored with words now and they have lost all actual meaning, and only the right combination of emojis will titillate interest anymore?
If FACIAL were to be represented only by emojis, it would probably be: The guy with sunglasses on, Upside-down smiley guy, and The guy with x’s for eyes. bored to death.

Magic Bronson

Known for their stupefyingly uncategorizable blend of pop, hip hop, alternative and dance music, Magic Bronson create a sound that is uniquely their own. Los Angeles natives Michael Nicastro and Matthew Lieberman deliver huge, stadium filling anthems that sweat with sonorous vocals and groove-laden bass, appealing to fans of Phantogram, Alt-J and The Gorillaz.


You could say the last few years have been a bit interesting for Easyfriend frontman Eric Brown. After realizing his dead end job was killing his creative energy, Brown decided to change things up a bit. In September 2013 the singer / songwriter turned in his drudging day job for a 100 sqft Lazy Daze RV, shifting his complete focus to creating and sharing his art.

Over the next two years, Brown blazed trails from coast to coast, playing over a hundred shows and building solid touring routes through the Southeast and Texas. All of Easyfriend’s tour support came from daily street performing. His unique model of living and touring, allowed Brown to become a full time artist and focus on building a connected fan base through real and creative engagement. In January of 2016, Brown wrapped up his 2 year adventure with a series of shows in Los Angeles.

Back in LA for only a few weeks, Brown was viciously attacked while street performing in a Hollywood subway station. He escaped the scuffle with a black eye and a bruised ego, but his vintage Martin guitar wasn’t so lucky. One of the 3 attackers had smashed Brown’s prized possession during the altercation. He had clearly reached the culmination of this part of his journey, and now something needed to change. The last two years had been whimsical and inspiring, but lacked an infrastructure to move the project forward. With his head down he cascaded through a rush of inspiration, where all of his journey found its way through pen to paper. The result was 10 completed original songs in under 2 weeks.

Shortly after this burst of creativity, Eric was introduced to engineer/producer Matthew Faulkner. There could not have been a better match. With only a few days between meeting and starting the recording process, 16 days later the album was complete. The rest of 2016 was spent developing the live show and diving deep into the bustling music scene in East Los Angeles.

Easyfriend has since played sold out shows at all major East Los Angeles venues including, The Satellite, The Echo, The Hi Hat and Resident. Brown and Faulkner have also thrown a handful of secret destination shows, providing transportation, meals, visual art, workshops and live music for their patrons.

Easyfriend’s debut album “Gaunt” is slated for release Fall 2017 via BETAWAVE Records. The record release is set to be a very intimate and cinematic experience. All 10 songs on the album will have an accompanying music video in which the viewer will travel alongside Eric as he blazed those original trails three years ago.

Ingenuity and creativity have kept the Easyfriend journey moving since its inception. Brown has no thoughts of changing that sentiment now. Whether through relentless touring or floods of quality creative content, 2017 will be an exciting year for Easyfriend.

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