LANZ, the new solo moniker of Benjamin Lanz (member of The National, Beirut, and long time Sufjan Stevens collaborator, as well as co-founder of the band LNZNDRF) is the song forward project that houses his own unique point-of-view. Lanz says “I’ve had the great fortune to work with popular bands who's music and artistry I am both proud of and admire, but I’ve always felt a need to scratch a nagging itch to make my own, very personal, conceptually and sonically explorative songs.”
The LANZ band features three other sonic heavyweights, promising a leaning in, a stretching of the cosmic rubber band, a testing of the outer limits: Aaron Arntz (Grizzly Bear, Beirut...), James McAlister (Sufjan Stevens, Planetarium...), and Logan Coale (Natalie Merchant, Jessie Merchant...).

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