Desert Sharks

Desert Sharks



Nihiloceros is a trash pop band from Brooklyn.

Dogs, 40s, and Rock n' Roll

Bizarre Sharks

Accidental DIY supergroup Bizarre Sharks released it's first EP back in December. Its four songs, including high-energy opener 'Test' and slacker love anthem 'Tremendous,' were all written and recorded in a single manic day full of good vibes and pizza. The band's first time playing together, it was a day full of surprises, including just how charming the vocal interplay of singers Jake Backer and Laura Gwynn proved to be. Encouraged by the results of the EP they've decided to continue playing together, performing and writing songs in a manner that stays true to their ad hoc, act now, think later style as much as possible.

Bizarre Sharks features members of Brooklyn DIY scene staples The Royal They (guitarist Darrell Dumas), Sirs&Madams (vocalist Gwynn), El Silver Cabs (guitarist/vocalist Backer, drummer Mike Seidenfeld), and Lost Kingdoms (bassist/producer Terry Edelman).

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