Taken (Record Release)

Legendary Orange County melodic hardcore band TAKEN has reformed and signed with Other People Records. They will release their discography entitled "Carry Us Until There Is Nothing Left" on December 9th, 2014. This will feature the albums "Finding Solace In Dissension" "And They Slept" and "Between The Two Unseens" re-mastered, and for the first time, available as an LP. Other People Records is a label started by Jesse Barnett of Stick To Your Guns and Tom Williams of Stray From The Path, and together they will bring this discography and a brand new EP in 2015. Taken Vocalist Ray Harkins had the following to say about the announcement.

"When the idea of getting together a discography and new EP started to enter our collective heads, we started to entertain a million different ideas for what to do with them. When my friends Tom and Jesse told me they were starting a label, explained to me the vision behind it and the fact that we would be working with people we trust, it seemed logical to bring the idea up to them. Fortunately for Taken, they jumped at the chance to work with us.

Less Art

Less Art is a post-hardcore band featuring members of Thrice, Curl Up and Die and Kowloon Walled City



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