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YFN Lucci

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LevyGreyis a 23-year old multi-talented music entertainer, dubbing as both a hip-hop artist and producer. Hailing from New York City, and currently residing in Harlem, NY, Levy has always had a passion for creating timeless music and various sounds that could ultimately impact the music industry aswe know it. In 2013, Levy officially started to take his craft seriously and began developing his artistry and improving his songwriting and singing/rapping ability. During that same time, Levy also taught himself how to produce and considers himself just as much a producer ashe does an artist. Outside of the music world, Levy saw some early success in his career when he was given the opportunity toscore two different Netflix originals —Deuces and True To The Game. This early achievement not only gave Levy the confidence tokeep going, but also proved he’s asversatile as they come. Soon after that unique accomplishment, Levy took the next major leap in his career when he signed with NY-based record label Cinematic Music Group in2017

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