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Kimya Dawson is a celebrated writer and singer of songs and an all-purpose force for good in the world. First making her artistic mark as half of the antifolk duo the Moldy Peaches, Kimya soon turned to solo work, where the twisted punchline poetry of the Peaches was deployed in the service of Dawson's gem-like personal narratives, creating such singular works as I’m Sorry That Sometimes I’m Mean (2002), My Cute Fiend Sweet Princess (2004), Hidden Vagenda (2004), Remember That I Love You (2006), and Thunder Thighs (2011), and earning her a 2009 Grammy for her work on the soundtrack for the film Juno. More recently, she joined forces with hiphop artist Aesop Rock to form the Uncluded, whose debut record Hokey Fright was released to critical acclaim in 2013. She frequently tours the world, often with her kid Panda by her side.

Only Son is the music of NYC-based songwriter Jack Dishel.

His third LP as Only Son (self-titled) was co-produced by Jonathan Bates of Big Black Delta and released in October 2017. Many of the songs from the album are featured in episodes of :DRYVRS, a comedy web-series that Jack wrote, directed and stars in.

His previous album, "Searchlight", features a duet written and sung with Regina Spektor and guest appearances by Kishi Bashi, members of The Strokes and Little Joy.

In the years following the 2006 release of his debut album, "The Drop To The Top", Dishel toured the world opening for fellow NYC songwriters Regina Spektor and Adam Green, sang on their albums and also lent his voice to records by Kimya Dawson and Nickel Eye. In addition, he sang and played guitar as a touring member of Little Joy.

Before creating Only Son, Dishel released two albums under the name Stipplicon and was lead guitarist for The Moldy Peaches.

"Only Son reminds me of an amazing place I've never been to." - Nikolai Fraiture of The Strokes

“The young American is a future headliner without a doubt.” –BBC Birmingham

“Features spare poetry that would have made a late 1960s John Lennon proud.” – Hybrid Magazine

“Funny and charming and talented enough to win us over.” –The Seattlest

“He possesses a turn of phrase that is quite extraordinary.” –Spitz (London, UK)

"Only Son has been praised far and wide for his dazzling lyrics and stage presence." -Austinist

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