The Dirty Nines, Elizabeth Moen

The Dirty Nines

The Dirty Nines are an Alt-Rock group based out of Chicago that utilizes vocal harmonies, driving rhythms, and emotive melodies to entertain the listener.

Elizabeth Moen

The Culture Trip says, “Elizabeth Moen is one of those rare artists whose voice, from the first moment you hear it, consumes your entire being, doing away with all previous thoughts and concerns, and leaving you short of breath.”

Little Village says, “Moen transfigures folk into an experience in the totality of instruments. But her vocals never shy away from the driver’s seat.”

IPR(NPR) says, “Elizabeth is armed with a jaw-dropping singing voice, tasteful guitar playing, and songs that stay in your head for days.”

Pete Willson & The Rooks

Pete Willson & The Rooks, previously known as Liquid Gardens, is a Chicago based trio that blends the psych-pop sounds of the late 60's with their haunting melodies, expressive lyrics, and striking guitar solos. Pete Willson & The Rooks has an ever-evolving, experimental sound that translates into electrifying live performances.

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