Sweet Lorainne, False Lights, Echo of the Ghost

Sweet Lorraine

Sweet Lorraine is comprised of musicians Sarah Schmidt and John McCurry. Sweet Lorraine combines the simplicity of organic singer/songwriter whimsy along with components of rock and soul.

Sarah Schmidt is a singer/songwriter and classically trained pianist currently recording and performing in New York City. In addition to the piano, Sarah writes and performs on guitar. Her upcoming EP entitled, "It's Alright", is Sarah's first album release, and is a collaboration with John McCurry. Besides writing her own material, Sarah has been engaged in extensive film and TV work, including writing for the animated TV series, “Alvinnn!! And the Chipmunks”.

John McCurry is a guitarist and songwriter, currently based in New York City. He has written and performed songs with an impressive array of artists including Cyndi Lauper, Billy Joel, Julian Lennon, David Bowie, John Waite, Joss Stone, Katie Perry, and The Jonas Brothers. John has performed across the globe and acted as musical director for many of his tours. He continues to perform and compose songs for artists, as well as create music for TV and film. John is also a writer for the animated TV series, “Alvinnn!! And the Chipmunks”.

Sweet Lorraine recently received a Clio Award for BRANDED ENTERTAINMENT and AUDIO TECHNIQUE for the ‪#‎IWILLLISTEN campaign of J. Walter Thompson New York. The ‪#‎IWILLLISTEN campaign is a part of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) of New York City. Sweet Lorraine performed for the #‎IWILLLISTEN Concert and provided their song, "It's Alright", for the ‪#‎IWILLLISTEN CD that was created to help spread awareness and break the stigma behind mental health illness.

False Lights

False Lights is a four-piece rock band based in Brooklyn. We play all-original Garage Americana Rock.

Echo of the Ghost

ECHO OF THE GHOST is a NYC electronic duo led by composer Emiliano Melis and violinist Claudia Chopek.

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