Metalachi - A heavy metal Mariachi band w/special guest Aerocksmith

Metalachi - A heavy metal Mariachi band w/special guest Aerocksmith


On a hot summer night in Veracruz Mexico circa 1982, Consuela Espinoza stumbled out of her dilapidated shanty and into Rock N Roll history. What began as an innocent night of snorting horse tranquilzers in a hotel room with seven members of the village jai alai team went on to produce the greatest metal band to ever live. Unhampered by a steady regime of tequila and ill advised sumo lessons, nine months later five bastard children where born. Unable to care for her hungry offspring and concerned that motherhood would seriously interfere with her Tuesday night Karaoke league, Consuela hastily packed the babies into the saddlebags of a burro and sent her children off to America in search of a better life. Against all odds, 14 years later, and nearly dead from dehydration, the burro knelt down to drink from the stagnant waters of the Rio Grande just ouside of Juarez Mexico –mere yards from the U.S. border. With one fleeting burst of energy the brothers Espinoza cinco climbed from their leather restraints and scampered the vast reaches of the river, collapsing onto the sweet amber hue of American soil. As if by destiny, lodged in the sand beneath their tanned faces was a record sleeve upon which were the words “PARANOID” and “BLACK SABBATH”. For many years to follow, this definitive black metal album served not only as a teacher and a mentor..but also as a friend. From these bleak and humble begins grew the seed that wouldeventually be the band we know today. Often referred to as the greatest heavy metal band to ever live..always referred to as...METALACHI.

Aerocksmith delivers all the classic Aerosmith songs with full force and impact of the bad boys of Boston themselves. Performing the greatest & biggest hits from the 1970s until today. A newly formed band out of Santa Rosa California Like the Phoenix from flames they are bringing the heart and soul back to rock ‘n’ roll. Quickly building a buzz & following with their dynamic showmanship, sound, and stage presence. They’ve drawn members from Northern California’s best rock tributes.

Aerocksmith Features two scorching guitar players which bring the timeless solos of Whitford and Perry to life. A precise, hard-hitting drummer. You will swear, he is Joey Kramer himself. The Hamilton bass grooves will draw you to the dance floor as the powerful charismatic frontman entices you to sing along to every “Same Old Song”!

From Mama Kin, Last Child, Back in the Saddle, and Dream on; to Love in an Elevator, Living on the Edge, and Dude Looks Like a Lady! AerockSmith “Aerosmith Classics Live” have “What it Takes” to take you to “The Other Side” Climb aboard, Sing & Dance along, have a drink and enjoy the ride...

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