Dead Air

Fresh off her RV from Toronto and onto the sidewalks of LA, a talk-to-anyone army brat and self-taught bassist named Jen set out to start a band, make art and find a good time. Johnny stepped off the plane back to LA after playing shows in Europe and realized it was time to dive back into his mad-scientist-songwriting, a drink two gallons of coffee a day and play guitar in his underwear phase. Jen met Charlie: a Strat playin', cigarette smokin', beer chuggin', Jeep drivin', athiest Michander. Charlie introduced her to his buddy Joe: a classic car lovin' LA native, half gangster with a penchant for drumming. Johnny met Jen at a coffee shop in Chinatown, LA. Jen heard Johnny's songs and introduced him to the boys. The four started jamming in Charlie's basement. Dead Air was born.

Hotel Ten Eyes

HOTEL TEN EYES is a Rock N’ Roll outfit which began on December 7, 2017 when Joe Fletcher and company made their first appearance at Dino’s in Nashville, TN. The band is currently finishing up their debut , Positively Fireproof, for release in 2018.

Sophie Strauss




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