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Andrea, country music singer songwriter, was born in Los Angeles and raised in Virginia. A small town girl at heart, she was surrounded by music, dance and played instruments from an early age. As a teenager she learned to write music. It was then that she discovered her passion and decided to pursue her dreams of being a musician.

Shortly after graduating high school she moved to Hollywood to study at the prestigious Musicians Institute College of Contemporary Music (MI). At MI she studied vocal performance and music business for over a year and a half. While attending MI she was able to connect with other musicians that helped shape her music and form her current band. They have been busy with performances in the Los Angeles area and are currently recording her first EP, which is due to be out early summer 2015. Preparations for a small tour of the East Coast is in the works, but before then you can catch her at multiple venues in L.A.

Some musicians who have inspired Andrea to reach her musical goal are Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood and Shania Twain.

Based out of Nashville, TN. The White Lioness (Zoey Baker) formed, bringing angst to the stage with a mix of post grunge and hard rock (a grinded mixture of Nirvana and Three Days Grace).

The Breakers


Tori Allen

Finding yourself means fearlessly accepting yourself for exactly who you are. It means breaking out of the box life puts you in and living free from expectations. That’s exactly what Texas native Tori Allen is doing. Hailing from the musical city of Austin, Tori found her voice in a genre blend of neo-soul, pop/funk intertwined with her true country/folk storytelling roots. From daring and bold-belted vocals to beautifully vulnerable lyrics, Allen will keep you on your toes in her upcoming debut EP ‘Colors’ set to release in December 2018.

“I wanted to name the EP ‘Colors’ because I believe that we all have so many colors we give off every day. It might be a different color tomorrow- some bright, some a little darker, but that’s because we’re all human,” says Tori. “I feel like I’ve finally found all the sides that make up ME, and I’m ready to show the world who that is. Unapologetically, I am ready to tell the story of every color of who I am, who I’ve been and who I hope to be. I feel like we really achieved that on this record.”

The lead single “Matchbook Flame” releases this October. You can catch Tori Allen out on the road touring the US and Europe.


This is the Case

This is the case , THIS IS THE CASE, whose inventive style is an amalgam of genres merged into one in Nashville, or Music City, as it’s known. THIS IS THE CASE is Casey Davis, of who has played a wide variety of music previously.
Guitarist Casey has played everything from rock to metal (his group MINDSET DEFECT has won many fans throughout the Southeast, placing well in various Battle Of The Bands contests). Casey has also inherited a lot of talent from his father, guitarist Butch Davis, and he has absorbed much from his Dad’s versatile musical experience. recorded with the aid of veteran indie producer Scott Tutt (Reptile Records), arranging and performing it live....

Ready to release their music for download and anxious to perform it live on stage, THIS IS THE CASE have a website for fans to see the lyric video for their debut single, the catchy, uptempo “sunshine summertime.” Check it out.



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