BNLX, Two Harbors, The Rope, Robosapien

"fuzz-and-drum-machine-fueled psych-kraut-postpunk" - Soundbites NYC

"blistering post-punk inspired rock, with male/female, call-and-response vocals, feedback, harmonies, old-school drum machines and ridiculously catchy choruses" - Bill Pearis, Brooklyn Vegan

Other elements of BNLX are unexplained and may remain so.

One team, one dream.

Meeting and/or exceeding expectations since Q1 2010

BNLX is engaged in an ongoing campaign to heighten awareness, engender revolutionary spirit, and foster an energetic response to the hegemonic forces currently monopolizing the means of production. This "music" event is one component in an overall action scheme which includes the deployment of informational and conceptual constructs utilizing audiovisual media and situationist tactics. This action scheme (officially known as the BNLX Second One Year Plan) will involve a range of cultural exchange activities (concerts, recitals, and other product demonstrations) and will be coordinated with the release of bundled intellectual property assets ("music" product).

The Rope is a rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota, founded in 2010 by Jesse Hagon (Vocals), Michael Browning (Guitar), Sam Richardson (Bass Guitar), and Matt Evans (Drums).

In the spring of 2011, The Rope released their six-song debut EP on their self-operated label, Late Century Records. The band has since launched European distribution via Spiralchords in Germany, and has been played on multiple college radio stations and in clubs throughout North America and Europe.

Most recently, The Rope released an official video for the EP's single, "Water to Wine," directed by Michael Minehart.

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