Lady Saint, Omid, SRVENT, & Lukingz

Lady Saint

Lady Saint (A.K.A Michela Saverina Perry) is a Fort McMurray born and raised Hip-Hop artist who began her recording career in early 2015. The Canadian rapper, with a mixed heritage of the Fijian and Rotuman Islands and the East Coast, has been writing music for several years. Culture from both parents have influenced Lady Saint’s music, both lyrically and sonically, creating a sound unique to only her. With the support and praise of industry professionals, such as Keith Clizark (multi-platinum producer/CEO), Lady Saint’s music is gaining much deserved attention.

With the release of her upcoming EP scheduled for April 6th, 2016, Lady Saint has been busy in the studios polishing off the finishing touches of New Wave. After a few recording sessions in Edmonton at TurnKey Studios, she felt inspired and bought her own equipment to self-record with. Although Saint is New Waves’ sole producer, it has collaborations with artists such as Tre’Voice, Blimes, and BobbyG, that help to bring Saint’s vision of wavy, chill vibes to life.

The “New New” singer/rapper has previously performed at the Club Pyramid Showcase in New York City, as well as travel to the Big Apple to record a music video with Heads Up Films. Lady Saint cooks her own rhymes, sharing stories of personal reflection and change, all while sending out love and sharing a message of positive vibes. Saint’s vision for the future is to continue growing as an artist and to enjoy the people, the music, and the journey.

Having found her voice, style, and flow, Lady Saint is stepping out of her comfort zone and exposing a new side of herself, by debuting her self-produced first album "Brainstorm" being released early December 2016. Dates to be confirmed. Follow Saint on other social media outlets!

Omid was born in Royal Alexander Hospital, Edmonton, Canada. He grew up in a multi ethnic environment. His childhood revolved around the love of both basketball, rap music & acting.

He wrote music, made videos occasionally in high school and started seriously in University. He attended the University of Alberta and graduated June 2016 with a Bachelors of Science.

SRVENT is a rap artist from small town, Alberta. His music is a blend of Hip-Hop and Rap, mixed with electronic sounds and orchestral undertones. His lyrics are often very personal, discussing everything from his experience of depression and anxiety to growing up in a small town, being a father of two girls, love and wanting, and dealing with personal demons, to name a few. His background is in composition, originally writing music solely for the piano. As he grew older, his love of rap music started to bleed into his song writing and now it just won’t go away.

His debut album is set for release in April, 2018.

Abdul Lamar Akingbola, also known by the stage name Lukingz, is a 21-year-old Canadian based Hip-hop/Rap artist Born in Lagos, Nigeria. Founder of (401Music) a music group and artist development company founded in early 2016. Lukingz started writing raps at the age of 13 and dropped his first official single (I WANT IT) in early 2016 which accumulated over 15,000 streams on Major streaming sites like Spotify, Itunes, Soundcloud and many more.His plans for the future is to become a breakthrough artist worldwide.

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