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Known as a charismatic and dynamic live performer, J. Human has been causing quite a stir in his largely country music driven hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. Drawing inspiration from legendary artists as John Legend, Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson, and Stevie Wonder, J. Human’s distinctive blend of classic pop, dance floor R&B, and electric soul will have you moving, grooving, and shaking body parts you didn’t even know you could. ***J. Human is not to be held liable for any injuries sustained from too much booty shaking***

The Made and the Born

The Made and The Born is a pop duo based in Nashville, Tennessee. Originally from Miami, they set out to pursue a unique blend of an indie-pop and rock, echoing the work of artists such as The Killers, M83, Oasis, and St. Lucia.
The project came to life when singer and songwriter Julio Berrones met Joe Lamberson in 2009. The two hit it off fueled by shared musical tastes and a kindred spirit, and it didn’t take long before they started writing songs together.

Their brand new single, “Runaway”, was released on July 7th. It was produced by Adam Stark and Jordan Phillips of Apollo LTD and mixed by Mike “X” O’Connor.

In the suburbs of Pittsburgh, two neighborhood kids Jarrod Morgan (guitars, drums, synth) and Lucas Macaluso (keyboards) bonded over a mutual fondness of Pokémon Yellow Edition on Gameboy Color. Unbeknownst to them, their friendship would later evolve into a musical synergy known as Marshall Magic.

The two friends came up on all things rock music, early 2000’s nu-metal and punk handed down from their older siblings, later gravitating to a softer melodic sphere—the Killers, MGMT, Phoenix, and Muse. The EDM wave was at its crest as Morgan and Macaluso entered high school, and they were swallowed up by the new sonic scapes pioneered by electronic titans like Skrillex, Porter Robinson, and Justice.

Their obsession with modern dance music prompted Jarrod to trade his drums for a laptop, attempting to recreate the sounds he was hearing at local underground raves (which were in no short supply in Pittsburgh). Lucas’ pilgrimage to Lollapalooza effectively blew his mind after seeing deadmau5, Justice, and Pretty Lights close out each night. Inspired, the two began composing some music of their own.

While at college, they continued to work on their sound, fueled by the cutthroat caliber of the Nashville music scene. Ironically, Lucas dropped out of music school, and Jarrod out of school altogether, making music their full-time gig. In 2017, they decided the time was right to stick their (turtle)necks out and release material. The only problem: they didn’t have a name.

During a soul-searching road trip across the US, they settled on Marshall Magic, a cheeky nod to their childhood elementary school’s anthem “Marshall Magic Kids”. More than that, the name represents a commitment to old-school-new-school-elementary-school jams that feel like magic.

Caroline Shumate has been playing music since the mere age of 8 - teaching herself guitar, drums, bass, and piano. After putting down music after high school to focus on higher education, her passion for music overtook her and Shumate dropped out of college and moved to Nashville. Originally focusing on drums, the multi-instrumentalist had an epiphany while touring with another artist: she wanted to create her own music. After fronting a handful of bands, this is the year the Nashvillian is doing things for herself - making music with her own vision.

With years of working as a musician, and subsequently getting to know herself better, under her belt, Shumate is ready to take that leap and show the world who she really is. Under the moniker Stasney Mav, the singer-songwriter is showcasing her creativity rather than someone else’s vision.

“I was so focused on results in past projects that the only thing I wanted to focus on with this project is to set goals for myself and hit them,” Shumate explains. “This project is for the 14-year-old- me who stayed up until 3am practicing a guitar solo until it sounded exactly like the recording. It's for the 17-year-old-me who was told countless times ‘you're pretty good for a girl’ from some blowhard music store employee. It's for the 20-year-old-me who had no idea what she was doing with her life, she just knew she was miserable and needed to do music and left everything behind to do exactly that.”

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