The Entire Universe, C.G. Roxanne & the Nightmares, Brian Hill (NYC), Automatic + DJ sets by Stella Mozgawa (Warpaint) and Gardens & Villa

The Entire Universe is Jeffertitti of the mighty Corners—and of Jeffertitti’s Nile and lots of legit sidemanning gigs, too—creating an entire universe of his own on a record so solo he played everything himself. The result is this sparkling little single, equal parts Bowie glam, Barrett psychedelica and Bomp!-y garage wave revival delivered with confidence, power and an irresistible hook. And now Jeffertitti has turned the Entire Universe into an entire band with the addition of Evan Snyder and Eric Lodwick - L.A. Record

C.G. Roxanne & the Nightmares

Brian Hill And The Noh Starrs


Stella Mozgawa

Australian drummer, born February 25, 1986 in Sydney, Australia.



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