Silent WeSki Dance Party, DJ Edge

Silent WeSki Dance Party

Come out for a grand time on the rooftop! Take a shot ski, have one of our hot cocktails, and dance into the weekend with

DJ Edge

For the past several years, Edge has held numerous residencies at nightclubs and lounges in the Central Pa area, and has made several guest DJ appearances in Philadelphia, N.J. and other areas of the Tri-State region. With his smooth mixes and quick cuts on the turntables, Edge has a style all of his own and has quickly become one of the areas top rated DJ’s. Diversity is what has allowed him to stand out from the ordinary. He sees each DJ set as a way to establish a mood and control the vibe that engages his audience. Music selection and timing have become the foundation for his unique DJ style in which he incorporates all genres of music into his sets. With his mixing abilities, Edge has also managed to acquire live radio experience. He held the primary DJ spot for CLUB 969 on FM 97 WLAN (Lancaster). The live Saturday night mix-show aired for six months in the local listening area, and at the time, was the first show of its kind to reach the airwaves. His radio experience also includes Power 99FM in Philadelphia (WUSL Clear Channel Station).

DJ Edge has continued to let his passion for music take him to new places, inspiring the people that come out to listen to him. Whether he’s spinning for an intimate group of 50 – or an audience of hundreds, he always knows how to keep the dance floor full.


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