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Born from a love of euphoric and gothic pop, Los Angeles electronic duo TOPIA, consisting of Jack Payne and Jack Guimon, set out to explore that yin and yang. They set forth to create individual musical landscapes joyful enough for a utopia, and bleak enough for a dystopia. They began writing music in 2015, after bonding over a shared love for Depeche Mode, Cut Copy and Pet Shop Boys.TOPIA started after a recording session with another group, after we realized we have a shared love of dance music,” Guimon explains. “We spent a good while working on songs in Jack Payne’s living room in Highland Park, developing a sound that we were both excited about. Eventually we set up our garage as a recording studio, and have been consistently working on new songs since then. “We’ve branched out and have been doing some DJ gigs, some live electronic sets and more standard gigs around Los Angeles. We laugh because it’s kind of like those lyrics in “I’m losing my edge” by LCD Soundsystem where he describes a band that keeps changing; it’s instrumentation from synths to guitars to turntables and back to guitars. It’s a funny moment that we in some ways epitomize, but there’s no reason to artificially constrain ourselves to “a guitar band” or EDM or whatever in an era where technology has eased the ability to branch out – all those things are just tools we use to make music anyway.”

Polaris Rose is an LA surf rock band comprised of Peter Anthony and Madelynn Elyse. Having moved across the country together to follow their dreams, the duo has been self-releasing music since 2013. Their sound has been described as being "paved with soaring melody, excellent musicianship and a progressive music fusion that crosses over into jazz, metal, alternative, classic rock and pop" Their most recent album - “The Waves Within” - is coming in summer 2018 and was produced by John Spiker (Tenacious D, Saint Vincent, Filter). It is a concept record exploring how we are driven by our subconscious. They will be premiering music from the new album on April 16th at The Satellite.

Blending simplicity with complexity can produce the most beautiful things. Such is the music of UNA. The Los Angeles-based collective deftly juxtaposes intricate musicianship with lush vocals to convey emotion. The band's music is starkly honest and multifaceted.

UNA includes Richard Larsen (keyboards), Jennifer Nice (vocals), Scott Eric Olivier (guitar), and Eddie Barajas (turntables). Influences include electronica, blues, funk, trip-hop and jazz.


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