Freestyle Mondays with Illspokinn, Junior Lefranc, Greg Jacquin

Freestyle Mondays with Illspokinn

Come hang and dance with Illspokinn

Junior Lefranc

Junior LeFranc is a singer/songwriter and producer based in New York City who has been dedicated to making music since the age of fifteen. In 2011 he moved to the Big Apple to start his career as a recording artist and develop his skills as a producer. A few years later, he enrolled in music school and quickly started to produce his first mix tapes. After these key years of preparation, he is now finally working on first Debut album while performing and promoting his work around the world.
Born and raised in Lima Peru, he realized his passion for music and performing at a very young age. While in college he decided to not to continue his upcoming semester, and told his parents of his decision to study abroad in the US temporarily with the promise of returning to college shortly thereafter. Against the approval of his family and with little money, Junior jumped on a plane and stayed permanently in New York City.

Greg Jacquin

Greg Jacquin Band can perform as a full band, duo or solo at weddings, parties, private events, festivals, bar mitzvahs, quinceaneras, interventions & more.



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