"Holi Hai" - India's Festival of Colors - Hosted by DJ Prashant

Jai Ho! Dance Party

At the core of Jai Ho! Dance Party, we celebrate the values of inclusivity and sharing positive vibes. Our innovative themes set Jai Ho! apart as we work to transform the nightlife culture and create community. With festive Indian themes like Holi & Dandiya, we create a celebration of music and dance like none other. We invite you to be goofy, smile, make friends on the dance floor, and of course, to sing and dance ALL. NIGHT. LONG.

Jai Ho! takes place monthly in San Diego, San Francisco, New Orleans, Portland & Seattle. Jai Ho! Dance Party is a branch & creation of the production house-team, Bollywood Dreams Entertainment.

Groups of 4 or More: $10, Advance Tickets: $12, Day of Show: $15


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