Gracie Mansion

Gracie Mansion

Death By Piano

Espejismo aspires toward the exotic, the esoteric, and the mysterious aspects of music. Espejismo creates a world of sonic sensory sensation drawing the listener such that they experience the alluring, vicious, and unrestrained aspects of human nature, while hinting at the mysterious supernatural that lies beyond. Our creative process is consciously aware of structure, harmony, and soundscape, yet undeniably organic and seamless.

Espejismo draws upon the sonic capabilities of voice, oud, guitar, bass, synthesizers, acoustic drums, electric drums, flutes, and sound samples for both live performance and recording. Instead of using traditional conventions to inform our music creation and performance, we indulge the use of exotic melodies, harmonies, and sound textures from different cultures and eras.

Our vibe and rhythm are smoky when subtle and stormy when unreserved. Our ethos is to be organic and true to our nature and what results is something that is truly our own creation. We seek to incite and inspire our audiences, conveying our energy with conviction. Ultimately we want to express ourselves as truly as possible and bring something uniquely awesome onto the scene.

$10 / $12


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