Matt Costa

Matt Costa

Born June 16, 1982, Costa is s a singer/songwriter from Huntington Beach, California. He has released four independent compact discs: a self-titled five-song EP in 2003, a full-length CD entitled Songs We Sing, a six song EP titled The Elasmosaurus EP in 2005 and the full-length album Unfamiliar Faces in 2008.

Elizabeth & The Catapult

In 2004 Brooklyn-based indie pop/rock trio formed, which was made up of leading lady and vocalist, Elizabeth Ziman along with multi-musicans Dan Molad and Pete Lalish - they named themselves Elizabeth & The Catapult.

Their first release in 2006, was a self-titled, self-released mini-album/EP debut ("Elizabeth & The Catapult") - that was recorded and produced at band member, Dan Molad's, own home studio.

Two years later they were signed to Verve Records and then just a year later the trio released the studio album "Taller Children", with producer Mike Mogis.

It was recorded at Mogis' studio in Omaha, Nebraska; in which Ziman wrote all the songs with the exception of the Leonard Cohen cover track, Everybody Knows. Also most of the tracks were originally demoed in Molads own personal home studio.


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