Eve Minor, Julez, Anchorlot, Code 509

Eve Minor is an NYC musician and has been recently touing since her debut release of Shooting $tars. An ecclectic artist; she takes the inspiration of New York and influences from artists like Blondie, The Deftones, Amy Winehouse into a sound design all her own.

Julez is a rock and blues musician from New Jersey and New York, influenced by classic musicians such as Jimi Hendrix, Linda Ronstadt, Grace Slick, Cournet Barnett, Alanis Morissette and much more. Julez grew up in a musical family, and therefore was introduced to music at a young age. Julez has been a singer since she was just a toddler, and at the age of seven, she began piano lessons performing in many recitals. When Julez received her first acoustic guitar at age eight, she immediately grew a strong interest in song writing, and knew that she wanted to be a musician.


Anchorlot is a hard-hitting high energy alternative rock band based out of New York City.

Imagine if Green Day and The White Stripes had a baby, but that baby was overall a disappointment despite trying to follow in its parents footsteps. Well imagine no more! Code 509 blends pop-punk and blues rock styles to provide at least 51% of what you're looking for in a modern rock band. We'll have you clapping your hands, stomping your feet, and doing our damnedest to make any ex-girlfriends in the crowd feel like they missed out. Come see the band a mom once called "very groovy!"

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