The Renegade Groove - Album Release Party!

The Renegade Groove

The Renegade Groove is a four piece funk-rock outfit with a high energy presence and an inclination for improvisation. For four members, the sound is huge. A booming low end rests in the steady pocket groove, while the solos and vocal melodies and harmonizations soar above, creating the catchy sound that is The Renegade Groove. Drummer Andy Gagnon's writing is uniquely funky, goofy, and accessible to men, women, and children of all ages. Check out The Renegade Groove for the full experience!

Northeast Traffic

Northeast Traffic is not your average funk/rock band. Hailing from Providence, in 2010, five ambitious musicians embarked on a journey, a mission to the deepest depths of the pocket. Now, Northeast Traffic brings the ruckus whenever and wherever they are called upon to do so. So, ladies and gentlemen, stay tuned for whatever adventures may unfold for Alex Claros (lead vocals/guitar), Nick Parisi (keys), Sam Clemens (guitar), Burke White (bass), and Joseph Krapf (drums and cymbals).



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