The Psychedelic Furs

The Psychedelic Furs

If you were to dissect today’s alternative rock music, you’ll
find that much of it pays homage to The Psychedelic Furs.
Led by vocalist and songwriter Richard Butler, and his
bass-wielding brother Tim, the Furs scored major hits with
"Love My Way," "Pretty In Pink," "Heaven," "The Ghost In
You," and “Heartbreak Beat” in all releasing seven studio
albums, spawning several compilations, a boxed set, and a
live concert DVD.
Born out of the post-punk UK rock scene, the Furs quickly
developed as one of the premiere bands on US College and
Modern Rock radio scoring a multitude of #1 singles.
With the advent of MTV in the early 80’s the band took off
into the stratosphere, and when John Hughes’ approached
the band with his film built around the Furs’ song “Pretty In
Pink”, the band’s legacy was cemented. After a brief hiatus
in the 90’s, and a side project called “Love Spit Love", the
band regrouped at the dawn of the new millennium.
The Psychedelic Furs touring lineup remains Richard Butler
(vocals), Tim Butler (bass), Rich Good (guitar), Mars Williams
(saxophone), Amanda Kramer (keyboards), and Paul Garisto

Sunshine and The Rain

There's a long lineage of bands who've taken the girl-group sound of the 60s to a more bombastic level. Melding those classic pop hooks of the past with a more chaotic musical setting. Think Ramones / Jesus & Mary Chain / Suicide / Phantogram or Cults. Now comes the husband wife duo Sunshine & The Rain, adding pummeling drum machines distorted, intense feedback and classic pop hooks.

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