Genocide Pact, Stay Asleep, Skullshitter, Mother Moon

Genocide Pact

Stay Asleep


Grindcore acid trip Death Metal

Mother Moon

"I was completely hooked by the powerful, pulsing riff and bone-breaking bass and drum work in the opening track, “Deaf Our Ears“, and the song’s bleak but soaring melodies are intensely alluring as well. A softer, haunting guitar instrumental provides a reprieve, but the song ratchets the skull-cleaving intensity and destructiveness back into the red zone by the end.

“In Droves” is a rumbling and pile-driving crusher that explodes into bursts of violent chaos, with the vocalist turning himself inside-out in a stunning display of howling pain and delirium.

“Transmission III” provides an unnerving, spectral interlude made of electronics and samples, while “Color Me Grey” is as doomed and terrible as a mounting pile of corpses, becoming only slightly less dismal and poisonous when it kicks into a hammering groove that pounds the pulse relentlessly.

The long title track closes the EP. At the outset the lilting, almost ethereal guitar melody and compulsive rhythmic drive provide the only minutes of brightness in this very dark and devastating EP (even though the vocalist is still tearing himself apart in the background). But just past the halfway point, the intensity of the song mounts, its physical force surging by orders of magnitude, and the sludgy bass rumbles your guts as a prelude to a final volcanic eruption of turmoil and torment."

-No Clean Singing

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